Dr Neil Israelsohn is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist located in East Melbourne.

Neil provides care for both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies and also provides a range of gynaecology services. He has expertise and an interest in the detection and surveillance of the growth restricted fetus. Neil is able to perform growth and wellbeing scans in the rooms for both singleton and twin pregnancies.

Neil has a close working relationship with Dr Michael Rasmussen and Dr Teresa MacDonald.

Neil aims to ensure that women feel fully informed and secure in the decisions regarding their care. Of paramount importance is the wellbeing of mother and baby. Neil will see his patients for all of their antenatal visits.

Neil also consults at the Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg. Pregnant patients may choose to deliver at Epworth Freemasons, Mercy Hospital or St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

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